Friday, 13 May 2011

Fancy Frock Friday!

Welcome to the first ever Fancy Frock Friday, probably one of many as I attempt to make a birthday dress for little e! She will be 3 on the 8th August and this is the dress I am going to make (bottom right dress):

It is an advanced pattern so I have chosen the simplest of the 2 options!

The list of notions is impressive and I still have a lot to buy but this is the fabric I have chosen:
Floral for the main dress, ivory for the waist band, collar and cuffs and purple for the piping.

I have only made one proper party dress before so this could be a challenge!
The first party dress:
The shoes were nothing to do with me, my sister thought they would be a good idea!
 I don't have a very good photo but you get the idea, an awful lot simpler than the one I am going to attempt!

Wish me luck and if anyone has any tips on making dresses like this they would be gratefully received!


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