Sunday, 1 May 2011


Ahhhh, it feels nice to be home even if its is about 20 degC colder here than in Florida!

We had a super holiday even if we didn't get to see the Space Shuttle... Lots of family fun and a few fall outs but that is to be expected when two sisters that are polar opposites go on holiday together!
I am the dull one on the left!

The kids loved spending some quality time with Grandma, Grandad, Aunty M and Uncle J, Uncle J is absolutley adored by little e and Big E.

We all did Disney World together which was fun, Mum and M announced when Big E was born that our first trip to Disney would have to be together so they got their wish!

I did the very touristy thing of holding an alligator.

We visited Kennedy Space Centre which Big E adored

The only down side to the trip was Continental. I am sure the staff have to pass a grumpy and rude test to work for the airline...

Now to try and sort out all the crafty things I bought and find somewhere to store them!!


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