Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Lots of fabric!

We brought an extra bag back from Florida which was about 50% full of this:

Fabric is so much cheaper in the US that it was hard to resist. The only thing that restrained me was that none of it was ethical so I didn't go mad as I try my best to only buy fair trade organic cotton. 
Little e will get a Snow White costume out of it (in fact I think I have bought enough fabric to make 2 costumes!) but the Royal Blue velvet looks distinctly purple in natural light...

It was strange to walk round Joann's and see all the products I read about on the blogs, I would have definitely brought some Mod Podge home if space allowed but no such luck!

Now to decide what to do with it all but I have 50 wedding invites to do for the middle of May so it may be a while before any sewing gets done!


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