Thursday, 7 July 2011

Can we fix it???

Yes we can! (too much Bob the Builder you say??)

I am a fan of fixing things but sometimes things get all to quickly put in the refashion pile (so that is more fun!) when a quick 5 min fix would give the clothes a new lease of life.
About half the pile...
I have had a LARGE pile of clothes to fix/alter building up for a while and I finally decided to tackle it (not at all spurred on by the fact that dear husband kept moaning about the ever increasing pile at his side of the bed...).

A couple of tops taken in (now less likleyhood of folk thinking I am pregnant again!), a few buttons sewed on, some rips stitched up and I have some nice things to go back in to the wardrobes!

Phew, must not let it build up again!


  1. hehe, working off piles feels great, no? It's one of my favourite things to do. the only downside is that whilst your workin gon one, another one seems to have accumulated behind your back... you should check! ;o)
    hopping to you from the success around the world blog tour.

  2. Aw! Good job, girlie! I am so proud of you. You should post some of you're newly refashioned outfits. ;o) I would love to see pics! :o) *new follower*


  3. Ugh I have this same pile ...... slinks away in shame....

  4. yaga - you are so right, I just found another pile I had put in a box under the bed.......!!