Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New PJ's from old shirts

The last few days have been quite warm here (a whole 21degrees C) so after spending a couple of nights overheating I decided some new PJ's were needed! 
Big E jumped in every photo.....!
I used a top I had made a while ago (and turned out looking like something my 95 year old Granny would wear) and an old shirt of my Dad's to make them.

I drew round a vest top that fits well then just cut it out and sewed up the shoulder seams. I overlocked the edges just for fun. 

The shorts were made in the same way as my 'boys shorts from ladies shorts' but I drew round my old PJ bottoms and kept the bottom and side hems of the shirt.

Unfortunately something went wrong when cutting out the shorts and unless I shrink dramatically they will never fit!! Oh well eh! I ended up cutting lt legs off and re sewing the stiching on some very old and worn out PJ bottoms so at least I have some shorts, pitty they don't match. At all. Anyone want a pair of PJ bottoms for the skinny woman?!


  1. Cute blog!AND I love the name!! I am a new follower! Tomorrow, I am hosting a linky party and would love for you to join us!!

  2. Bahahaha!!! I did this same thing but made paja bottoms for my oldest who couldn't squeeze himself into them Bahahahaha!!!