Sunday, 1 June 2014

Me Made May - the finale!

I can't believe it is June already! Me Made May has definitely been an eye opener in more than one way, before I go on here are the last few pics:

Day 29: No Photos, a day in DIY clothes tiling the new downstairs shower room which will hopefully be finished so I can take some pics and write about it!

Day 30: Top: Horrifically unflattering Josephine - looks like I have a rubber ring round my waist... I will not be wearing this top again!
              Jeans: Sainsburys via my Mum - legs taken in.
Day 31 : Top - Sesalt via ebay
               Culottes - made last year, can't find a blog post about them...

Day 31 out to a wedding reception - Top - Lacy top that my Mum gave to me and I took in.
                                                           Culottes - Tania Culottes still to be blogged!

So, I managed to wear me made almost every day without difficulty. I did wear a few items of M&S clothes that I bought ages ago that are not particularly ethical but the rest of the time the clothes were from ethical companies (Seasalt and People Tree) or secondhand, sometimes both!

I have realised a few things:
  •  My wardrobe is boring. I wear too much blue and not enough pattern.
  •  My Mum uniform of jeans and a t-shirt is too casual. I like to look smartish so this month have made an effort to dress more smartly on most days and it feels good doing it!
  • I have lost almost a stone in the last four months and now some of my clothes make me look huge, they either need taken in or have to go. Although, I have a stone to go so I should probably wait until the end of summer before I alter too much!
  • I have always had a stash of acquired fabric so use what I have for projects which means that often patterns are made in the wrong fabric, the Josephine is a classic example of how awful a pattern can look in the wrong fabric. I am almost through my usable sizes of stash fabric though so from now on I will buy fabric to suit the pattern. This gets expensive when you only buy organic and fairtrade though,  I think this site will be getting a lot more business from me in the near future!
  • I need a good trouser / jeans pattern, this is my quest for the summer, so I can banish all the ill fitting jeans I own!

This month has really spurred me on to get sewing, I have made a pair of kids shorts, 3 tops, a pair of culottes and a circle skirt this month (all will be blogged soon). Hopefully the items for me will fill gaps in my wardrobe and liven it up a little!


  1. Sorry, I know I haven't commented but I have been following your posts. Sounds like MMM has been really useful for you. And well done on the weight loss. That's amazing, and a good excuse to *have* to buy more fabric!

  2. You have done so well to keep up with this all month! Congratulations! Sounds like it has been a really useful exercise for you too.
    Don't wait for the next stone to be lost before you make yourself something lovely though, reward yourself by making something that you couldn't / wouldn't have worn before! You deserve it!

  3. I am so impressed that you were able to do this! Especially at this point in pregnancy I would have lots of repeat outfits in a month!

  4. Congrats on finishing up MMM! I loooove your culottes, what a gorgeous fabric :)

  5. well done! I am determined to have enough to do it next year!