Saturday, 25 October 2014

Charity Shop Success

I don't know why I have never posted about  my charity shop bargains before, it is time to change that since a lot of of my clothes come from charity shops or ebay!

Last weekend we went to donate loads of stuff to the Barnardos shop in South Queensferry. It is a donation centre but has racks of clothes, some of which obviously have been in the normal shop round the corner and not sold, for £1.49! We left having spent £14.41 and I got some great stuff:

A pair of jeans from M&S with no noticeable wear. I have since returned a new pair I bought when I was getting desperate but resisted wearing - phew!

A skirt from M&Co, love the fabric, need to shrink a teeny bit to be able to eat with it on...

A tunic top from M&S, again no noticeable wear. I really need a finer belt, it is quite obvious round my my less than small tummy :)

Possibly the most exciting thing was a Clone Trooper costume that Big E got for £2.49, including the mask!

I also got 2 candle holders that I plan to pour wax straight into using a set I got for my Christmas last year!

Husband got 2 shirts, 1 t-shirt and 2 books on the Forth Rail Bridge.

All that for less than £15, it was definitely my most successful charity shop expedition ever.

I have been raving to all my friends about charity shop shopping but they are reluctant, is anyone else a lone charity shopper among their friends?


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