Friday, 3 October 2014

Meet the new additions

Over the summer 2 of our 4 hens died and since they rely on numbers to keep the coop warm in the winter it was time to 'top up'!

We decided to re-home ex-commercial hens (they were ex organic free range) again and got them from Wing and a Prayer who are excellent.

We went for 3 hens and came home with 4 hens and a young silky cockerel!

The new hens are called Rosie, Anna, Elsa and Laya and the cockerel is Anakin!

We are all in love with Anakin, he is so fluffy at the moment and hopefully he won't get too much bigger so will have a nice quiet doodle doo that won't wake us at 3am in the summer...


  1. Sorry to hear about the deaths of your other hens. So sad when they're unwell, and it happens so quickly. Your new brood look lively, great names. AND a cockerel?! Brave!

  2. So the last 3 names are obvious but where does Rosie come from? And did husband remember the trailor the other weekend? They look so cute!

  3. The hens and cockerel look lovely. Someone near us had a cockerel an d we could hear it al day long Which didn't bother me because when I was growing up it was what I heard all day anyway along with sheep bleating and farmers shooting rabbits. I kind of miss them sounds now that the farms have all gone.

    1. I grew up next to a river and it took me ages to get used to not having the sound of water flowing past :) We have yet to hear a doodle doo from Anakin!