Saturday, 11 October 2014

Autumn and Winter Sewing Plans

For once in my sewing life I actually have some plans so thought I would write them down. I love reading other people plans! I hope to get these all finished before  New Year but that may be a little ambitious...

The plan:

1. Can you guess what is first on my list...

yep, another Elsa dress for my friends wee girl. I am being paid for this so it is not optional, it will be made in the next week.

2. Leggings: I managed to get some organic cotton jersey in grey to make little e leggings for school (she won't wear tights).

I think I will just use some leggings she has as the pattern.

3. I need to finish the winter coat I started.

I am cross with it at the moment as I did my usual and cut it the size too big because I am scared to just ignore the measurements on the packet. I have altered the fit but now I have to line it. The only problem is that I didn't write down what mods I made to the main coat and it has been about a month since I did it so can't remember...

4. A Christmas dress.

I bought this ponte knit on line and I am not sure about the colours (I probably shouldn't admit but I chose the colours based on Anna's dress in Frozen...!)  The website said the blue was navy, it isn't, its royal blue but hopefully the dress will look ok.

5. A couple of cardigans.

I bought this pattern as this style of cardi suits my shape. The fabric is from here and the paler one is 100% Shetland wool rib and the other is a cotton/linen mix rib. I am not sure how these fabrics will work with the pattern but am going to give it a go with the totally plain version of the cardi with no peplum bit.

6. This sweatshirt pattern looks perfect to use up my bits of jersey left from other things.

7. Last but not least is my basket of things to refashion / alter. These will be done before spring...

Now, I just need life to settle down, my Mum's 60th birthday party and my Beavers camp to plan themselves and I might actually find some sewing time again. It is also so tempting when it is cold and dark in the evenings to sit where I am now, in front of the stove watching TV, instead of in my cold crafty room!

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  1. I love the coat pattern.
    Looks like you will be busy well past new year.

  2. Wow! You are going to be busy! I love the Christmas dress pattern, and the sweatshirt. Good luck!