Saturday, 31 January 2015


January in a nut shell:

Finished Objects:

2 Skirts using this pattern, soon to be blogged.

1 pair of earrings

2 necklaces, again, still to be blogged.

1 Star Wars themed birthday cake

Books Read:

2nd Chance by James Patterson - this was great, looking forward to getting stuck in to the 3rd book in the series!

Half Way though Cupcakes at Carringtons by Alexandra Brown - a little light relief from murder books :)

Weight Lost:

5lb - yipee! Only another 22lb to go...

Worst Bits (before best bits to get them over with):

Watching my Mum go through the first round of Chemo.

The emotional roller coaster that we continue to be on as a family.

Head lice - yuk!

Best Bits:

Big E's 9th Birthday celebrations

Sewing day at the Stitchery in Glasgow with fellow sewing bloggers (which I forgot to take photos of...)


Watching as E, e and their wee cousin become more and more crazy about each other :)

Doing the 30 days of yoga series, I am a few behind but this has kept me sane in what has been a crazy month!


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