Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Closet Case Patterns Sallie Jumpsuit

I have been in a sewing frenzy for the last month and a bit, altering and making new summer clothes. I have lost 23lb and nothing fits! The first thing I made was the Closet Case Patterns  Sallie Jumpsuit, I figured the stretchy nature of it would shrink with me more than a woven jumpsuit.

I saw a few versions of  this during Me Made May and fell in love with the simple style. I bought the pattern at the end of May and, for once, it got made immediately. The heavens aligned and I had exactly the right fabric in my stash so I whizzed this up in an afternoon and evening.

I used a viscose jersey and cut between a 12 and 14. I extended the body based on my measurements but didn't need to really so won't bother the next time. I love the fit and it feels just like wearing PJ's so that's a big win!

The weather has been so amazing that it has actually had a few outings and will have lots more when we go on holiday in a week.

I have loads of versions of this queued up in my head to make but I don't have any more suitable fabric. I may have to buy some and make a shorts version for holidays although time is running out and the weather is so good it feels wrong to be sitting indoors sewing. I am pretty sure that is a Scottish thing, to get the 'not using the good weather effectively' guilt!

Same goes for summer blog posts, I have lots more summer sewing to blog about, 2 tops, a kimono, a woven jumpsuit, a dress and a swimsuit, just need to get some half decent photos and for it to rain so there is no guilt!


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