Friday, 26 August 2011

Busy Busy Busy

I think the best word to describe the past week in this house is chaos!
My normal week day now goes something like:

7am - Up
8am - Battle little e in to clothes
8.20am - walk to school to drop off Big E
9am - Home
9.15am and then repeated every 15 or so mins - "Is it nursery time yet?" said by little e
11.30am - lunch for little e
12.00pm - little e to nursery
12.30pm - run round crazy squeezing about a million things in a few hours
2.30pm - pick up little e
2.45pm - drop car at home and walk to school
3pm - pick up Big E
3.20pm - home and collapse in a heap!

Here was me thinking I would have more time when they were at nursery and school!!

I have managed to get some more wedding stationery made for the wedding fair on Sunday though:

All have matching Save the Date cards and Orders of Service, hopefully I now have a wide enough variety of styles to attract some orders!


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