Friday, 12 August 2011

Too early for autumn??

I am feeling tempted to put my summer clothes back in the loft, I am sick of them cluttering up the wardrobe and drawers taunting me with the fact that it has rained almost every day this summer!!

I am wearing my favourite cardigan today

It is a 100% wool by Boden and I got it for £7 on ebay last year. I love the bright crazy colours and the best bit

the blue stripey back! It had a few holes in it when I got it but they were easily fixed!

Now, as long as it doesn't get warmer than the 16 C (61F) we are at now I shouldn't get too hot!

On a totally separate theme, what colour / pattern would you put with this skirt (apart from white?!)

I got it on 2nd hand on ebay a few years ago and it is 100% silk and gorgeous to wear but I am not good with white tops, especially with 2 lively children!! I was thinking of wearing it to a wedding on the 21st but I am not sure what to put with it....and since Recycled Fashion has been talking about pattern mixing I thought there might be some good ideas!


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