Sunday, 21 August 2011

i heart macro

My Dahlia is being a bit slow to open, and it has been nibbled by something (not a bunny!) :(

There was not  much going on in the garden this morning, lots of dew though:

Sedum about to burst in to flower

Slightly fuzzy drops on a leaf

This Lady's Manle remindes me of a black hole sucking in all that comes too close!
And a random, slightly fuzzy one, I took last weekend, the wasp was going crazy for the bacon, it sat there for about 10 mins!

studio waterstone


  1. very nice, the water drops are so peaceful

  2. The water droplets and the bee are simply amazing! :)

  3. Oh the sedum! I can't wait to see it in bloom!

  4. I love Dahlia's...I have lots and lots of pictures of them from the hort park near where I work. Love the dew drops also!

  5. The dew drops on the leaves are just mesmerizing. . and seriously, who doesn't like bacon!!??

  6. Earwigs.
    I hate the blighters.
    They always win.
    I managed to drown a couple in my vegetable oil trap, but there are so many left.

  7. Lovely shots! The Lady's Mantle is great, you are right about it looking like a black hole!

  8. These are all great shots I especially LOVE the leaf with the water droplets. So pretty and peaceful.