Monday, 27 February 2012

Am I a fabric magnet???

Really, I am supposed to be de-stashing my fabric mountain

but over the last 3 days I have acquired about another box and a half of fabric, oops!

First my Dad came back from his travels in the far east with some silk I had asked him to get for me. 1 piece of Shantung and 2 Charmeuse for those who are silk aficionado's!

We have been invited to 4 weddings this year and I bought this pattern

Vogue 1296
 to make an outfit to wear to at least one of them. It will be my first time boning a bodice so I will have to make a muslin before I cut the precious silk!

Then we visited the in laws yesterday and I came away with a huge bag

of off cuts of Mother In Law's. She has fabric hoarding 'issues' as well but is dealing with them and this lot was going out! There are a few fab bits including some genuine Levi's chunky cord from the 1980's when they had a factory in Falkirk!

Before I can do anything with any of this fabric though I have to decorate Big E's room! He is sick of sharing little e's pink palace :)


  1. The idea of destashing is so far alien to me... but I fear when I get married this year, it's a practice my other half may wish I give a go! One of those patterns (the pinkish blues in the last pic) id the exact same pattern as the tablecloth at my parents' house when I was tiny. It just bought lots of birthday party memories flooding back =)

  2. Ooh love that pattern - will look beautiful with the silk! Apparently, I have craft-stash-hoarding issues too! Hmmmm, I can live with that I think ;) Have a fab day x

  3. I have just started collecting fabric - oops! :) You make such beautiful things with it though, it's not really a problem! If you run out of space, you could sleep on a big pile of it! :D