Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Pretty Crafty Home

I am taking part in

Basically if you are trying to pretty your home by doing crafty things this is the project for you to be involved in! Since my house is very much a work in progress I am tackling the rooms that are 'done', my craft room being first on the list!
If mess and clutter stresses you look away now.....
Book case stuffed with craft stuff, you should be able to see the floor in front of it....

My desk, not that you can see it...

The first time I have ever had a sewing desk and the room is too messy to use it..

Yes, I have 7 crates of fabric to be used...
Oh the shame, all that stuff, everywhere!!

After a week of part time sorting and a trip to Ikea later I think I am almost there. I still need some thin shelves to store my glitter collection (!) on and I really need to make things to get rid of at least one of  my tower of fabric boxes but it is so much better than it was, ahhhh!

Ikea kitchen storage is perfect for crafty things!
 I made the bunting above the desk with some scrapbook  paper, I am having a bit of an issue getting it to lie flat though!

Not very pretty but totally organised shelving!

What shall I sew first! (maybe something from the to be mended pile that you can see in the right of the photo!)

Must get rid of some boxes....
It has been 2 years since I had my very own craft room so it was nice to be able to put my wee door hanger up again!
Now to beautify it using some of the fabric, my computer chair is going to be the first thing to get a makeover!


  1. Wow, looking fab now! I made paper bunting for my daughter's room, I had to use a lot of blu-tak to get it to lie flat ;) x

  2. Looking good Alison - love the paper bunting!

    S x

  3. I have been "re-organizing" my craft room too! Yours looks wonderful. Thanks for all the inspiration. It has been six years for me of not having a craft room and I am super excited to have one now too. I might have to make a little sign just like yours!