Monday, 2 April 2012

All Change!

Do you every feel like life is happening just a wee bit faster than you can keep up with??

That is exactly what the last few months have been like here and it is still a little (lot) crazy!

I quit my very part time job a couple of weeks ago in less than ideal circumstances (lets just say someone obviously had it in for me and moaned so much I could not put up with it any more even though I had the full support of my boss). So, I have decided to throw myself into Heavenly Handmades , my card making business, to see if I can actually make a go of it, here are some of my new designs using my gorgeous new Wild Rose Studio stamps (bit fuzzy, sorry)

I always feel such a fraud when I say I am going to try and sell my cards because they are so simple compared to some you see but I figure some people must have the same taste as me in simple rather than 'busy' cards...

The website has also had a bit of a face lift, I am getting there slowly but I would love to be able to afford to get someone who actually knows what they are doing to do it for me! I have an advert going in the local community magazine in a week so I need it looking good by then!

Now to be a true Scottish person, a moan about the weather. There were record temperatures here last week, 22degC at one point, proper shorts and t-shirt weather

I raked around the loft (attic) to get the summer clothes down, had them out for a day then the weather got cooler and tomorrow the forecast is snow with a low of -9degC overnight, brrr! Global warming don't you just love it...!

Off to find my thermals for tonight:)

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  1. Your cards are lovely. It is refreshing to see cards that are not so busy. Keep doing what you enjoy. Good luck with web site.

  2. I think you cards are great, sometimes less is more! Good luck with everything, but I'm sure you won't need it :)
    The weather does like playing little tricks on us, I'm back in my big padded coat today!
    Love your blog header - looks fab! x

  3. I think your cards are adorable! I love the simplicity of them, too. Thanks so much for sharing on Handmade Tuesdays.

  4. that fairy princess card is darling! thanks for linking up to tip-toe thru tuesday!

  5. Your cards are great, so many out there are just too much! Hope your business goes really well.

    Totally get where you are coming from, we're down on the South Coast, and I didn't believe the forecasters at all but just popped outside in the garden and my feet hurt as the ground was sooooo cold, brrrr!

  6. I think in this case you're allowed to moan about the weather. It has been crazy recently. Love your cards, very cute.

  7. Stopping by from Tell Me Tuesday!

  8. Goood luck Allison! I love thwe card that are more simple! The princess is adorable and the elephant is too cute! Thanks for linking up!