Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Hippy/Retro/70's Summer Trousers

 With great anticipation of a wonderfully summery summer heading our way (fingers crossed although we are still getting some snow..) I decided to tackle one of many gaps in my wardrobe, trousers in a material other than denim!

I got this

fab fabric from my mother in law (she thinks it is Liberty from the 70's) a while ago and bought this

pattern (dated 1969) on ebay last month.

Put them together and you get these

some super hippy looking light weight summer trousers.

Wool jumper shows what the weather is like, birkinstocks were only for the photo:)
The are extremely high waisted, almost hitting my ribs high, so I didn't bother with the waistband and used it as a facing for the new waist of the trousers. They were a tad snug, I have no waist definition, so I had to remove two darts for the waist and take in the hips for the perfect fit! Hopefully the 14lbs that are going to magically disappear before a wedding on the 30th June will mean I can reinstate the darts in the waist :-)

Recycled Fashion

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  1. Great trousers! (oh and good luck with that 14lbs)

  2. So glad you linked to Things I've Done Thursday!

  3. I like that it is so comfy. I would wear it a lot too if I had one like that. :) Awesome!

  4. This is awesome!I would love to try something like this.