Saturday, 22 February 2014

A Crafty Room Clear Out!

My wee room in the house is affectionately known as the crafty room and is often (always) in a terrible mess! Often you can't actually see  much carpet and things are moved from desk to desk depending on what I am doing!

It has been tidy in the past but unfortunately I can't throw things out and keep accumulating stuff... It needed dealt with or I would have been one step from applying to one of those hoarders TV programmes!

I could only face taking one before photo - the chaotic book case. Imagine the rest of the room in chaos with stuff on every surface..

It took about 8 hours but I got there. I started with the bookcase...

then on to the scrap and small fabric stash

The keep piles

The Recycle pile...!!


Now all my scraps and small bits to keep fit in one drawer and the main cupboard is kind of sorted - still far too full though...

I then dug out my desks and sorted everything else.

Every drawer, basket and tub has been emptied and sorted. I couldn't believe how much card and paper stuff I had been hoarding, I got rid of a full large Ikea bag of card and paper to recycle!

Amongst the chaos I found a few treasures I had forgotten about

A box of very old lace and trims. This came from my Great Aunts house and I think it was originally from my Great Granny. I have no idea what I will do with them or if it is even possible to get them white again but they are now safely wrapped in paper waiting for a use.

I also found my little chaffinch in her nest

I made this years ago and it hung in the dining room of the old house. One day she will be promoted from the crafty room but for now she is keeping me company.

Now, if only the rest of the house looked like this but as the Utility room and downstairs loo have been demolished so we can start renovating that is unlikely for a while anyway.

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  1. Congratulations!! This must have taken a lot of energy, time and dogged determination!

  2. Wow! So neat and tidy :) That lace is beautiful.

  3. Wow! what a wonderful room and looks great now. That would have taken my days to do, Well done. I dream of a craft room. We do have a spare box room but it's full of all kinds of stuff that I keep sorting out and getting rid of but it still keeps breading.

  4. What a great space! I am so jealous! It looks great, and I love the little chaffinch! So cute.

  5. PS, just came across this post about cleaning antique lace: That link looks a bit weird, so hopefully it works. It's on Really Handmade anyway. I haven't read it but thought it might be worth a read.

  6. it looks great! Are those hanging rails from IKEA? the ones in the shot with your desk? I really need some!