Friday, 14 February 2014

Wedding Invitations

I delivered these special invitations to my friend today, how appropriate that she gets her wedding invitations on Valentine's Day, totally not planned!

I am so glad to have finished them, I hate having deadlines hanging over me!

The next invitation order I have is for my best friend from school who is getting married in September (and I am a bridesmaid!) This time the invites are her wedding pressie and are a lot simpler than these ones, phew!

Back soon to show you my new cords, made from possibly the worst jeans pattern ever....


  1. They look very elegant Alison - lovely job and perfect timing!

  2. They are beautiful and great timing

  3. they are gorgeous, I bet the couple are thrilled. Wedding stationery is so time consuming, not helped by the fact I chose a really complicated design for mine!