Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Sew Grateful: Reflections

Debi's instructions for today's post are:

 "Reflections Day. This is the day to reflect on the role sewing has played in our lives, reflecting on those who have been supportive in our journey and reflecting on what the online community means to us!  What are you sew grateful for?"

Ok, here goes... 

My Mum and Grandma, Christmas 2006
I am sew grateful for my amazing family. I have been very lucky to have grown up surrounded by sewers and knitters. My late Grandma was a brilliant, very talented, seamstress. She loved sewing but unfortunately in her later years couldn't sew because of severe arthritis in her hands. 

My Mum also sews (I doubt she could have lived with my Grandma and not picked up a wee bit of the sewing bug) and is always there to answer silly questions or cast an (sometimes rather harsh) eye over my creations. She is not a sewing addict, yet, but I think once she retires things might change...

I didn't properly start sewing until I had little e 5.5 years ago, a year after my Grandma died. I know she would have been delighted that I took up the family hobby! I used my Grandma's machine at first then my Mum bought me a new one 3 years ago for my 30th birthday.

I am also sew grateful for all the very talented bloggers out there who are an inspiration. I have learnt a lot from the online sewing community and it has definitely broadened my sewing horizons. It is nice to know I am not alone in this hobby, especially when my real life friends are not at all crafty! Special thanks to Helen and Vanessa who always have nice words to say and supportive comments to make, and all the other Scottish Blogger Meet-Up ladies who are as nice in real life as they are on their blogs :)


  1. A lovely post Alison! My first machine was also my late Grandmother's!

  2. Ny Nan was a seamstress, it is one of my bigest regrets that I didn't take up this hobby untill after she passed away. She always talked so animatedly about sewing but I never had any reason to sew (she did any alterations for me!). It was only after she'd gone when I was helping sort through her posessions and I could not bear to throw away her old UFOs, Patterns and fabric stash.

  3. Fabulous post! So wonderful that your mum and grand mum sewed!!

  4. Very nice post. Great pic of your family as well. :)

  5. Oh! Lovely! And you are very welcome. I love how many of us have inherited our love of sewing from our mothers and grandmothers. It feels like a nice thing to hand down and remember them by. I hope you manage to pass the love onto one, or both of your E's!

  6. It's lovely to feel that you are following in the footsteps of other women in your family isn't it? It makes my knitting and sewing extra special for that reason too.