Tuesday, 8 April 2014

A day out for Lego Lovers!

I don't normally post about random stuff like days out, maybe I should..., but this was too cool not to share! We went to the Brick Works Lego Exhibition at the Edinburgh Science Festival on Sunday. Big E though he was in heaven!

The Airport was amazing, the detail was incredible.

Big E decided he probably didn't have enough sand coloured lego to built the Great Pyramid...

But we are definitely making this Chess set!

The exhibition is in Riddler's Court, a 400 year old building in the Old Town of Edinburgh.

Riddler's Court in Lego!

The kids have not been in the centre of Edinburgh much even though we are on 20 mins drive away so they still find the buildings and streets 'cool'!

I must take them exploring their city more often.

Back soon with some sewing after I have got over the trauma that was involved...

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  1. Oh, I wish we'd known about this. Small Boy would love it!!! Looks like a great day out, and isn't Edinburgh beautiful? Your photos are lovely.