Wednesday 16 April 2014

DIY Statement Necklace

I have had these discs kicking about for years, they were strung as a rather odd belt which I never wore... I think the discs are coconut, my Dad brought the belt back from one of his trips to Brazil, but whatever they are they are very pretty just not as a belt!

Since I am on a 'make no clothes for me until I shrink a bit' plan I have been playing with my jewellery making stuff instead (a nice relief from the insane amount of painting, tiling and building units that has been going on in the Utility room and downstairs loo!) 

I used 6 discs, lots of jump rings and some fake leather string from something else I had taken apart ages ago.

It is exactly the kind of thing I have been looking for for ages to add colour to plain outfits. I wish I was a scarf person but I am just not so, from now on, it will be big, bright necklaces!

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Crafty Allie


  1. Lovely! It's amazing how much a big bright necklace can add to an outfit

  2. Hey Alison, You've been featured on Worthwhile Wednesdays!
    Hope you can make it out to link up again!

  3. Wow, I love this! The discs are gorgeous, but I agree--better as a necklace than a belt. ;)


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