Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Mary Berry's Lemon Pavlova

I made this for Easter Sunday dessert and it was amazing, even my 97 year old Granny enjoyed it and she is normally my harshest critic! I have never been totally sucessful with the whole crisp on the outside and squishy on the inside pavlova thing but I managed it this time - yum!

I used this recipe. Be warned I used half the lemon curd I made and half the amount of cream specified and still had too much. I do have a nice jar of lemon curd in the fridge now for toast :)

I like a bit of fruit on a pavlova so used chocolate pebbles (mini eggs were sold out everywhere!) and blueberries for the decoration and didn't bother with the candied lemon rind - too much like hard work! Also, I only put the cream and lemon curd on 2/3 of the of it, little and Big E are fussy about things like that... I will definitely be making this again, a perfect spring summer dessert.

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  1. My friend was just telling me yesterday how this is also her first ever successful pavlova! She also has loads of cream left and lemon curd too, she missed out the candied peel too. This is like déjà vu! :) it looks and sounds delicious though! I need to get that recipe. I find Delia's recipe (from the complete cookery course) is a great pavlova recipe. Never failed me and I have an awful oven!

  2. That looks amazing, pavlova is just about my favourite pudding, (except maybe éclairs/profiteroles) and the idea of lemon curd on it sounds lovely. Got to love a bit of Mary Berry - that lady knows what she is talking about!

    1. Ooooh eclaires and profiteroles are also some of my favourites!! A x