Saturday, 28 February 2015

February in Review

Is it just me or has February just disappeared? I am almost certain time is moving a little faster at the moment! To be honest this has not been a great month but I did achieve a few things...

Finished Objects:

1 Parisian Top

1 pair of PJ's.

1 Darling Ranges Dress - still to be blogged.

Books Read:

Finished Cupcakes at Carringtons by Alexandra Brown (started last month)

3rd Degree by James Patterson. I am loving the Woman's Murder Club series, luckily my friend has read them all so I have them all lined up in the bookcase just waiting! A little light relief between books is needed though!

Christmas at Carringtons by Alexandra Brown - had to read it as the first one ended with 'to be continued'.

Half way through 4th of July by James Patterson.

Weight Lost:

0 - oops!

Mission for March:



  1. Sorry I'm the one taking up all your time. Maybe we can sew together one of these days. Love the PJs and top which looks lovely on you.

  2. Mum, you commented :) You are what I should be spending my time on!! xx

  3. Aw, your mum commented! :) That top is so cute. Also loving your chicken print pjs!