Tuesday, 10 February 2015

New PJ's

Before we moved to our new house we lived in a housing estate where we were not allowed poultry, my dream was to live somewhere we could have hens, that dream even influenced my fabric purchases! This is my one of my favourite fabrics and it has been sitting in my cupboard for about 4 years, it has hens on it!

I bought it on ebay and was going to make the kids PJ's with it but, after 4 years of deliberation, I decided to make myself  some instead since I won't grow out of them, hopefully!

I used the Kirsten Kimono top pattern, with slightly lengthened sleeves, for the top and traced my favourite PJ bottoms for the trousers (the legs are the same length, I promise!) .

I love them but won't be able to wear them until the weather warms up a bit, it is too cold for short sleeves at the moment, especially when you have a husband that keeps changing the heating timer to save oil!


  1. These are lovely, what great fabric. I keep meaning to make that Kirsten top, but somehow it always slips down the list

  2. Glad you made them for yourself, the fabric is too cute.