Saturday, 7 February 2015

One Pattern, Two New Skirts

Last Saturday I went to Glasgow for a sewing day with 9 other sewing bloggers. We met at The Stitchery and had 4 hours of sewing, chatting and eating, it was a great day! I didn't take a single photo but  Franca took some great ones and you can see them here.

The only problem was I had no idea what to take with me to make. The last thing I have felt like doing recently is sewing so I decided on a simple skirt which would fill a glaring hole in my wardrobe. 

I tested out the pattern the week before the meet up in case it was terrible but it came out really nicely. It is a totally simple A line skirt with sided zip and no pockets (I am terrible at stuffing pockets full of things and totally distorting the shape of skirts and trousers so I am safer without them...).

I then cut out a green version to take with me to sew up. This time I folded the pattern so the skirt was more straight than A line.

I got it done in a couple of hours and I think it is now my favourite skirt.

Both fabrics were from my stash, the chunky cord for the first version apparently came from the Levi's factory when it was in Falkirk (in the 70's) and the green cord was from my Mother In Law who made cushions out if it.

These skirts have refueled my sewing fire and I have made PJ's , leggings and a top over the last 24 hours, at this rate my stash busting will be done before the summer!


  1. Love cord skirts, they look great. Definitely a wardrobe staple!

  2. Great skirts they are perfect for this cold weather.

  3. You have made a really nice skirt. Looks warm too.

    1. They are surprisingly warm, I haven't worn jeans for weeks :) A x