Sunday, 8 February 2015

6/52 - a day at the Kelpies

 We had a lovely day out today to the Kelpies in Falkirk. A Kelpie is what Scots used to call shape-shifting water spirits. They are absolutely amazing and the Helix park they are beside is great for the kids.

There is a large pond where the swans and seagulls were ice skating.

little e : Watching the swans ice skating!
There is also a fantastic play park. The kids went up and down this slide about 10 times!

A fantastic slide at the Helix park.
I am not a horse person at all but these sculptures are just amazing.

Big E: The most sensible photo of a lot of photos!

We will definitely be going back in the summer to use the water play area although it is unlikely we get a much sunnier day than today, even if it was only 2C.


  1. Worth doing the tour too. You get to go inside one of the Kelpies, and learn more about the area.

  2. Wow look at the size of them sculptures, amazing detailing too.