A rather sharp looking Banksia


I have been looking longingly at the scout t-shirts all over sewing blogs, fab ones here and here, wishing I suited loose fitting t-shirts. I then remembered that I have the Banksia pattern which is similar but a little more fitted and have made it before with varying success.

The first time I made it it was too big. The next time I reduced the size and did a FBA and it was too tight over the back and loose over the front. The third time I increased the width of the back piece just a little and it was just right! It still looked a little tent like but not maternity so I decided some of my novelty print cotton was finally going to see the light of day.

I went with the method for fitting that worked before - cutting a medium  and increasing the width of the back piece. I totally cheated by placing it 0.5 cm from the fold rather than on the fold, increasing the back width by 1cm, nothing complicated or technical but it works!

I did a few other tweaks:
 - increased the width of the sleeves by about 1cm
 - dropped the arm holes by about 1cm.
 - widened the collar piece by the width of the placket as I was not having a placket and wanted the collar to meet at the front.

It worked and I am totally in love with the fabric, my parents bought in America a few years ago so no chance of any more though :(

I think the next Banksia will be placket and collarless, just to see what it looks like!

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  1. This looks great! I love the print on the fabric and the contrast collar!

    1. Thanks! I wish I had more of this fabric :)

  2. I have done that to increase the width before. Great idea. Great looking blouse, the print is so fun and colourful. Great for spring days.

    1. Now if the weather would just warm up I could wear it without a vest underneath and cardi on top :)

  3. I think you have nailed this one. The fit looks perfect. The colours are lovely on you. I like the little pop of red at the back neckline. Perfect spring/summer top.

  4. Love the pin print! I'm a big fan of the contrasting collar.


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