Thursday, 23 April 2015

Culottes x 2

Is anyone else pleased culottes are back 'in'?!

Not that really matters, I have had many pairs over the years, but I might not feel so 'middle aged before my time' when I wear them now...

I have had this pattern for ages and I made a pair a few summers ago. They were made with very old fabric of dubious content and I get very warm in them though so I figured it was time for some made with more appropriate fabric.

I used 2 pieces of linen / linen cotton mix fabric, that were acquired form my friends Mum who was clearing out, to whip up some cooler versions, one mid length and one short.

Seriously white legs!
The pattern is really easy and each pair took a couple of hours max to make.

 I cut a 14 rising to 16 at the waist as usual and they fitted on Sunday, were a wee bit big by the time I took these photos yesterday and today I had to take them in by about 2 inches at the waist due to body shrinkage (I am like a flipping water balloon at the moment).

I think my next culottes will be another pair of Tania Culottes but for now these are great. They will no doubt come in useful during Me Made May since I have signed up to wear at least one me made item of clothing a day for the duration of May!

Back soon with my favourite Banksia yet!

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  1. Lovely. Love the rust colour of the midi pair. And yes, I am toying with the idea of culottes too!