Monday, 13 April 2015

Lady Skater 5

I think I have a problem, last month I made lady skater dresses 5 & 6.....Only one worked though, this blue flowery one.

I bought a load of jersey from someone selling their stash on ebay a while ago, it included this floral one and a textured maroon one. Both fabrics were destined to be Lady Skaters, one winter one and one spring one....

It was only when I was sewing it up the maroon version that I realised its stretch goes the wrong way... It has vertical stretch but not horizontal, very very strange. Unfortunately it means the dress looks like a sausage skin on me and is now destined for my much smaller friend!

odd face - was speaking to E who was my photographer for the day.
The floral jersey is very light weight and has lots of stretch, maybe a little stretchy, but I love it. I have worn it loads already although I am struggling to choose shoes to go with it when I can't wear my boots anymore - any suggestions? I love shoes but they don't love me so I have very few...

I think I should probably stop making skater dresses for a while now, unless that perfect jersey comes along of course :)


  1. Nice print. I love the look of these skater dresses. Such a flattering shape.

  2. Lovely colour. Very pretty and it suits you really well. As Louise says, it's a very flattering shape. I really must get round to making this. What about brogue type shoes, in brown or maybe tan? Clarks have quite a few styles. I think shoes for skirts/dresses are tricky for this time of year too. Much easier when you can just wear thick opaques and boots!!