How Sweet!


A Couple of weeks ago Estelle from Twinkle's Tutorials & Craft Time passed me the Super Sweet Blogger Award, thank you! To accept the award I have to answer the following questions then pass it on. 
Question 1: Cookies or Cake? Cake cake and more cake!
Question 2: Vanilla or Chocolate? Chocolate most of the time
Question 3: What is your favourite Sweet Treat? Cake, any type!
Question 4: When do you crave sweet things the most? I don't really crave sweet things at any particular time. If I had my way and it would not cause me to be massively overweight and have a heart attack before I am 40 I would eat sweet things all the time!
Question 5: If you had a sweet nickname, what would it be? Pudding!

I hope no one minds but I am not going to pass it on, all the blogs I read are super sweet so if you are reading this consider yourselves Super Sweet Bloggers!!

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  1. You're very welcome!

    I'm with you on the cake, yum!

    Hugs, Estelle xx


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