Sunday, 31 March 2013

4 New Additions and Happy Easter!

I thought it would be a few weeks until we got the new additions but we collected them yesterday afternoon and they have been settling in well, they even gave us 3 eggs this morning, perfect for Easter morning!

Yes, we were all out first thing, -1.5C in our PJ's excited to see if there were eggs :)

We are hoping the bunny and hens will become friends so they can share a run, they are a little unsure at the moment...!

Hope you have all had a great Easter, ours has been fun, a nice service at church, a family meal of roast chicken (which felt a little wrong...) then lemon curd pavlova and chocolate galore. I have a feeling the scales will be going in the wrong direction in the morning...!


  1. Oh how lovely! Your family are about to embark on a fabulous adventure. We have four hens and I wouldn't be without them now, they will add so much to your life! Look forward to hearing more about them.

    (I also write a blog about my henkeeping)

  2. Ooh fab - bet the kids love them...and fresh eggs, how yum! Happy Easter to you all!

    Hugs, Estelle xx