Thursday, 15 May 2014

Me Made May - Week 2

Week 2 and it is official, I have the most boring wardrobe ever. Wearing me made is not hard at all but I need more colour!! Must stop using blue fabric!

Had to chop my head off, it was an awful photo!!
 Day 8: Top - Jersey Banksia

Day 9: Top - Formal shirt refashion
            Jeans - M&S 2 years ago

Day 10: No picture but I wore a Jersey dress that was made from this one, still to be blogged.

Straight from a 3 hour train journey so a little crumpled!
Day 11: Top - Sew Serendipity top
              Skirt - Hummingbird
              Leggings - Virginia Leggings
              Cardi - New Look 2 years ago

Day 12: Forgot to take pic but same as yesterday with jeans on bottom half!

Day 13: Top - Seasalt
              Cardi - Seasalt via ebay
              Skirt - Jeans refashion
              Leggings - Virginia leggings

Quick self timer take, I can hear the bin men coming!!
Day 14: Top - People Tree
              Cardi and Skirt - Seasalt
              Leggings - Virginia leggings

Maybe next week will be a bit more inspiring!


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