Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Me Made May - Week 3

I have tried to be a bit more adventurous this week, a little less blue... if only I had remembered to take some more photos!!

Day 15: Have no idea what I wore, thought I took a photo but obviously not...!

 Day 16: Top - Josephine
               Trousers - linen from Sainsbury's 7 years ago.

Day 17: Complete right off, spent the day in joggy bottoms and a t-shirt doing washing after an epic puking incident by Big E the night before...

 Day 18: Top - Josephine
               Jeans - Next, taken in and rolled up via my Mum
               Cardi - not on in public as it looks wrong with this outfit but it is Alpaca from Peru, gift from Dad!

 Day 19: Top - Darling Ranges Top (taken in an inch at each side since making it :-) )
               Jeans - Sainsburys via my Mum - legs taken in and rolled up.

Day 20: Top - Banksia this photo is from ages ago, I wore it untucked with the jeans from yesterday and it looked way better than this awful photo!!

Day 21: Top - Maria Denmark  Kirsten Kimono top still to be blogged
              Skirt - Hummingbird
              Leggings - Virginia Leggings
              Necklace - DIY

I think this has totally highlighted the need for some different me made trousers / skirts. I am on a weight loss mission at the moment though so am not wanting to make any quite yet - I have had to take the waist of this in by 2 inches already, I have another few to go though ...


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