Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Me Made May - Week 4

Only a few days left of Me Made May and looking back at the photos there are definitely some outfits that work and others that just don't...

Here goes with this weeks outfits:

Day 22: Jeans and t-shirt day with half of it spent in Beavers uniform and there is no way I am posting a photo of me in that!

fuzzy phone photo taken by the kids!
 Day 23: Top - Darling Ranges Top (taken in an inch at each side since making it :-) )
               Jeans - M&S ages ago
               Cardi - M&S ages ago

The manic grin of someone who's husband has just returned from a week in Japan.
Day 24: Top - Banksia, too big, made with the wrong fabric.
              Skirt - White Stuff via charity shop
              Leggings - Virginia Leggings              
              Cardi - via charity shop, massive on me but I thought it looked ok, these photos prove otherwise!!
hmmm, this sorbetto makes me look huge...
 Day 25: Top - Sorbetto
               Jeans - Sainsburys via my Mum - legs taken in
               Cardi - as above
One of my friends said I was looking glamorous today, hmm, if only there was not a muffin top peeking over the jeans :)
 Day 26: Top - Maria Denmark  Kirsten Kimono
               Jeans - Sainsburys via my Mum - legs taken in
               Cardi - New Look ages ago (2+ years)

Help at school and food shopping day = super casual!
Day 27: Top - Seasalt
              Hoodie - Me made forever ago hence the rubbish finish!
              Jeans - M&S via charity shop
this doesn't even really look like me...
Day 28: Top - Too big Banksia
              Skirt - Used to be jeans bought 2nd hand from ebay, worn to death then made into skirt.
              Leggings - Virginia leggings
              Cardi - as above

I have a feeling after seeing some of these photos my cream cardi and banksia may be headed to the recycling... they look truly awful!


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