Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Me Made May - Week 1

This is my first time taking part in Me Made May and it has been surprisingly ok so far. I meant to add in my pledge that all clothes that were not me made would be either from ethical shops, 2nd hand or gifts.

Here goes:
Headless for your own good!
Day 1 & 2 - Spend a good bit of each day in DIY clothes so this lasted 2 days.
Top - People Tree
Skirt - Hummingbird
Leggings - Virginia Leggings

Alarmingly the best photo of a very bad lot
Super casual, chuck anything on day.
Top - Seasalt
Trousers - The worst pattern ever
Cardi - Gift from Peru

Squinting on Day 4
Disney bound inspired outfit for May the 4th!

Another quality photo.... seriously what is wrong with me?! I look huge, kitchen looks tiny...
Top - Sorbetto
Hoodie - Me made forever ago hence the rubbish finish!
Jeans - M&S via charity shop

Ahhhh, less hair happier face!
Top - My first stretchy make - years ago!
Jeans - As above

She can smile!
Top - Plantain, not flattering, hanging from boobs making me look huge...
Skirt - Used to be jeans bought 2nd hand from ebay, worn to death then made into skirt.
Leggings - Virginia leggings

How rubbish is my wardrobe... I hadn't realised my clothes were so dull!

Hopefully next week will be a little more inspired :)


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