Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A New Shower Room

Last week it was the utility room, this week the shower room that is off the utility!

We demolished the original shower room completely.

It was running the length of the room and meant there was a small utility, tiny shower room and useless dark corridor to the back door that was on the front of the house... This is an extension that was apparently architect designed, hmmm!

The shower room is now the width of the utility with a plain white sink and toilet and a decent sized shower.

The tiling, what can I say, we have wanted to tile a bathroom like that since visiting the Exploratorium in San Francisco in 2000 and have finally done it. The tiles are not really sloping, it is an optical illusion!

Finishing this room means we have done all the rooms downstairs and only need to do the hall and stairs for downstairs to be officially complete! Who knows when they will get done though, if only money grew on trees, or I could find a job that only worked school hours and had school holidays off!!

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  1. The shower room looks so much better and brighter. Job wise have you considered school diners or welfare?

    1. Thanks! I hadn't thought of the school dinners, I like that idea, off to investigate :) A x

  2. Oh lovely, such an improvement! The tiles are fab and the room looks really light and airy. Have a great week xx

  3. Oooh! I love it! So much brighter! Well done!

  4. Love the optical illusion with the tiles. I had to sit there and look at them for a minute to tell it was an optical illusion. Awesome.

    Thanks for sharing!