Thursday, 24 July 2014

A Sorbetto at Aberdour Castle

Husband took a fortnight of work at the start of the school holidays which was great, we were away for 8 nights which meant we had some time when we got back to get another use of our Historic Scotland membership.

It was a gorgeous day so we headed to Fife to visit Aberdour Castle. But this post isn't about the castle, which we had a lovely wander round then lunch in the tea room, it is about what I wore.

A new contender for possibly my favorite top status. Not the most flattering but I don't care, it has robots on it!

I got the fabric from Elise who blogs at Foof & Faff (and does lots of Historic Scotland posts if you are interested) at the Scottish Bloggers Meet up earlier in the year. It was meant for Big E....

... but instead it became a Sorbetto, minus the front pleat, for me. Do I feel guilty, not really, I will get many summers from this top and Big E would have outgrown anything I made by next year!

We nipped in to Tesco on the way home that day and I wondered why people were walking past me and smiling to themselves, then I realised what I was wearing!

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  1. This is so funny, I have a post about Aberdour going up tomorrow! Wish I'd seen you there, I'd have been all over that top, it looks fab! :)

  2. Brilliant! I love it whe wearing a fun novelty print brings a smile to a strangers day!