Tuesday, 1 July 2014

In love with Lady Skater

I had been eyeing up the Lady Skater dress for ages but resisted it as I wasn't sure how the style would look on me but when it was on offer for $5 a couple of weeks ago I couldn't resist!

I promptly printed the pattern and dug out my rather loud Aztec print fabric that I had bought on ebay last year. I thought it was muted colours and cotton only to receive it and realise the photo must have been terrible because it is bright with gold bits and gold glittery bits through the other colours. I thought I would use it for the muslin and at least the fabric would have been of some use.

My hurry up and take the photo face!

Well, I'm in love, with the pattern, which went together amazingly, and with the awful / amazing fabric! I now have a Lady Skater party dress and I wore it to my sisters 30th at the weekend!

After that success I cut out another with the fabric I had originally intended for the dress (another ebay purchase from someone selling stash).

This time the fabric was cotton with less stretch and ironically it doesn't fit as well as the original, not enough stretch may be the issue. It is still a nice dress and totally wearable though, and wear it I will!

Now to decided if I need some lovely organic cotton jersey from Kitschy Coo or Village Haberdashery....or both!!

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  1. It looks fantastic Alison!
    I really like that loud fabric - so glad you still used it, even though it wasn't exactly what you'd hoped.
    Such a great style of dress on you, especially for all this warm weather we're having - and for upcoming holidays.
    I have just made another Moneta dress, which is practically the same as this, but with a gathered skirt.

  2. Beautiful dresses. I really like the colours of the Aztec one.

  3. Love the colors of the first one especially! The look on your face cracks me up though. ;) Too cute, Alison!