Friday, 29 May 2015

Me Made May Days: 23 - 29

I can't believe Me Made May is almost over. Here are my outfits from the last week, sorry for all the phone pictures, busy week this week with not much time for photos!

Day 23: Wierd photo...

Me Made: Altered second hand top and unblogged floral trousers.

Also wearing: Clarks brogues that look awful but I was about to spend a day on a boat!

Day 24: I look awful and dressed about 30 years older than I am here... different tights and shoes might improve it...

Me Made: Bead spread circle skirt

Also wearing: Charity shop top and cardi and Clarks brogues that look awful. 

Day 25: Ridiculous grin today!

Me Made: Kirsten Kimono Top and trousers

Also wearing: Ancient Cardi and clogs.

Day 26: There were much better photos for today but this was the only one with crazy girl in it!!

Me Made: Kirsten Kimono Top , unblogged

Also wearing: Charity shop linen trousers, People Tree vest top, ancient cardi and vivobarefoot trainers.

Day 27: 

Me Made: Darling Ranges dress and Virginia leggings.

Also wearing: Charity shop cardi and clogs that were soon changed for boots when the hail stones started....

Day 28: Wishful thinking that the weather might warm up just a little...

Me Made: Robot Sorbetto

Also wearing: M&S Jeans and cardi not in photo.

Day 28: Dressed for comfort and warmth - it was school sports day this morning!

Me Made: Renfrew that will be blogged next week (and will be joined by 3 others...!)

Also wearing: M&S Jeans and my favourite cardi, it is alpaca and feels like wearing a blanket. One of the benefits of having a Dad who travels to Peru for business once a year! Also vivobarefoot trainers. 

Next update will be the last for Me Made May 2015, I can't wait to compare last year with this year!