Friday, 22 May 2015

Me Made May Days: 16 - 22

Another week has past, here are my Me Made May outfits!

Day 16:

Me Made: Kirsten Kimono Top and trousers
Also wearing: Ancient Pink Cardi and vivobarefoot shoes

 Day 17:

Me Made: Lady Skater
Also wearing: 2yo worn out Clarks Brogues.

 Day 18:

Me Made: Renfrew top, still to be blogged
Also wearing: M&S jeans, and secondhand seasalt cardi. This was a housework day so scruffy slippers add to the outfit!

 Day 19:

Me Made: trousers
Also wearing: People Tree top and M&S Cardi. Vivobarefoot shoes

 Day 20:

Me Made: trousers and unblogged Sorbetto top
Also wearing: Old Cardi and vivobarefoot shoes

 Day 21:

Me Made: Skirt
Also wearing: Seasalt cardi, top and coat! Winter boots. Guess what the weather was like this day?!!

 Day 22: Looking like I have been awake all night.... Husband has been away all week!!

Me Made: Chelsea Trousers, unblogged.
Also wearing: Second hand top and ancient cardi. Vivobarefoot shoes. 

Only a week and a bit left, May has gone fast!


  1. yet again all your outfits are fab! I especially like the lady skater, chelsea trousers, polka dot trousers - actually all of your makes!!