Friday, 8 May 2015

Me Made May: Days 2-8

I can't believe the first 8 days of May are gone already! I am realising a few things from doing Me Made May, the biggest is that I have a lack of springy bottom halves. I spent winter in skirts with leggings and boots but feel that is a bit too wintery for May but it isn't warm enough for my short trousers or summer skirts. At least I know what I will be sewing next!!

Here is a summary of the last week, sorry about the photos, I really hate having my pic taken!

Day 2:

Me Made: Parisian Top, really not flattering...

Also wearing: M&S Jeans, Lotta from Stockholm Clogs

Day 3:

Me Made: Lady Skater Dress possibly unblogged as it was LS number 4 or 5!

Also wearing: Charity shop necklace and M&S boots.

Day 4:

Me Made: Parisian Top and Hummingbird Skirt (look awful,,,)

Also wearing: Slippers!

Squinting - should stop that as my frown lines are getting bad...!
 Day 5: 

Me Made: Darling Ranges dress and Virginia leggings.

Also wearing: M&S boots

Day 6:

Me Made: Brand new Renfrew, still to be blogged

Also wearing: M&S jeans and vivobarefoot shoes

Day 7:

Me Made: Banksia top and modified secondhand jeans.

Also wearing: Clogs

Can you believe this was the best photo?!!!
Day 8:

Me Made: Tunic top from Sew Serendipity - looking past its best now, not bad for being in constant rotation for 2 years!

Also wearing: M&S Jeans and clogs.

That's all for now, off to do battle with a trouser pattern, on to modification number 4 and I am loosing the will to carry on.....


  1. I think all your outfits look great! Don't be so hard on yourself! I have decided that i also hate making trousers, baste, adjust, repeat ad nausium - and mine stil don't fit well 😕

  2. Good week so far! I agree with above, don't be so hard on yourself! Loving your day 5 dress.