Friday, 15 May 2015

Me Made May Days 9 - 15

Almost half way through already, craziness!

 Day 9:

Me Made: Renfrew top, still to be blogged
Also wearing: M&S trousers, ancient cardi and Vivobarefoot shoes.

Day 10:

Me Made: CardiganKirsten Kimono Top and trousers
Also wearing: Clogs.
'just take the bloody photo' face

Day 11:

Me Made: Kirsten Kimono Top and trousers
Also wearing: M&S cardi and vivobarefoot shoes.

Day 12:

Me Made: Trousers
Also wearing: 2nd hand top and cardi.

Day 13:

Me Made:  Kirsten Kimono Top and  Hummingbird Skirt
Also wearing: 10 year old cardi and sainsbury's leggings. Vivobarefoot shoes.

Day 14:

Me Made: Trousers
Also wearing: 2nd hand top and cardi. Vivobarefoot shoes.

Day 15:

Me Made: Banksia top 
Also wearing: M&S Jeans and cardi. Vivobarefoot trainers.

This week has definitely been the week of the trouser! I think my obsession has paid off since I have only worn jeans once and they are normally my 'Mummy uniform' . I also realise that the more exercise I do the more huge my shoulders and bust appear in comparison to my hips and legs... oh well, I will just have to make more dresses now :)


  1. Your trouser making has definitely paid off these are fabulous. Think MMM is having a really positive effect on all of us.

  2. I love all of your outfits and have mega trouser envy!! One day i will produce trousers as amazing as yours!!