Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Another Cardigan

Along with sewing pretty dresses recently I have been trying to be practical and sew some basics, how dull!

I try and get most basics from the charity shops but I have been in search of the perfect navy cardi for ages now and have never found one, so, my navy interlock that was destined to be a renfrew became a cardi. Much better use actually as I am finding it just a touch heavy for the renfrews I made in the white interlock (they still get worn all the time though).

I used McCalls 6844 again and I still love the pattern, view B really is my perfect cardi.

Here is a typical Alison shot of the cardi in action, it was breezy!

have to stop moaning about the kids being silly in photos!

This pattern will definitely be getting used again, maybe not for a while though as I have run out of space in my wardrobe...


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