Friday, 10 July 2015

Lots of shorts!

Frenzied summer holiday sewing has been happening in these parts, shorts, shorts and more shorts! I have resisted the temptation to make lots of summer dresses after the one I made little e was rejected outright...

 For the kids shorts I used the Made kids shorts pattern. Simple and perfect for quick summer shorts.

I made the shorter length boys and regular length girls first then made a longer pair of boys in Star Wars fabric.They look very odd on the hanger but good on!

I made myself the shorts version of the Jocole Wideleg trousers. I made no adjustments, cut a straight size M. The fit was ok but the pockets did not sit right at all so I sewed them up and cut the inners out (I was far too lazy to fully deconstruct them...) and now they look fine.

They look pretty awful hanging like this :)

Next time I will do a bit of a large bottom adjustment as I feel them pulling  bit over my bum!

I think that is our holiday clothes sorted, although I am suppressing an urge to sew lots of summery things are realistically Scottish summers don't really need a full wardrobe of summer wear...

Now to focus on my sewing plans for when I return, I am determined to make a woven / part woven top that does not look like a tent on me, not sure if that is possible but we will see!


  1. I'll take the Star Wars ones please.

  2. They all look fab! I tried sewing boy shorts last year but theg looked like pjs and the boys refused to wear them! I love your shorts - i might be tempted to have another go!!!!

    1. These have a hint of PJ bottoms to them as well but my two don't notice so all is fine!! I think the fabric choice plays a big part in it, I made gingham ones for little e and she refused to wear them, they really did look like PJ's :)