Thursday, 30 July 2015

Prague - possibly the best city ever.

What can I say, Prague is an amazing city! We booked to go for 5 nights and had an amazing time. We opted for 5 days rather than more as I just wasn't sure how the kids would get on on a city break. I shouldn't have worried as they loved it!

It is a beautiful city, the architecture is amazing.

There is a lot of art all over the city, some of it very odd ....

There is a fantastic metro and tram network that was so cheap and easy to use.

 The technical museum was amazing!

There were lots and lots of sewing machines on display, this fantastic one was made in Glasgow.

There were classical concerts galore, we went to one in the Municipal Hall which was amazing,

and the zoo, what can I say, best zoo I have ever been to!

I promise it really is a real crocodile!

 Any zoo with a splash pool gets bonus points, perfect for tired feet!

After 4 and a quarter days we had walked 36 miles and eaten about my weight in cake so hopefully they balanced each other out!