Sunday, 22 January 2012

I heart macro - a stomp around the garden

After the chaos of moving house I have finally had a few moments to get snapping some macro shots to join I heart macro again!
studio waterstone

It was beautiful last Sunday morning so a stomp round the garden was required!

I am enjoying exploring the new garden, and all the hidden treasures that are popping out of the ground now spring is in the air!

I adore the teasels, they are possibly my favourite thing in the garden at the moment!

The veg patch will be amazing, just need to weed it and get it ready for planting...

and as for the back of the garden, the first thing we are going to do is put in some drainage so the house isn't acting like a sponge for all the ground water!

We are collecting wood to burn, this bit looks pretty fab all frosty

 and on the other side of the garden everything was sunny!

Hope you enjoyed your stomp round the garden, who knows what there might be photos of the next time!


  1. Wow, what a gorgeous garden you have! Love your pictures, the teasels are indeed fab! I love macro shots too, I had a new camera for xmas and super macro and the sparkle effect are my two fave features. x

  2. I like those teasels too...just beautiful!

  3. Love those teasel shots too! I also love the texture of the wood!

  4. Love your macro shots!! Have a great week ahead!

  5. Beautiful shots! Yes, I agree, the teasels are beautiful. The close-ups are awesome!

  6. looking to be a beautiful plot; look forward to your spring garden photos too

  7. Thanks for the walk-through! Love your gardens and can't wait to see them all fleshed out :)

  8. How fun to have a new garden to work with! I can already picture that veg patch just bursting with goodies. Enjoy!!