Wednesday, 25 January 2012

I think I maybe have the best friend ever!

I got a surprise parcel in the post the other day, 4 remnants of gorgeous fabric! What a fab way to cheer up a day that had so far been spent cleaning little e's bedroom carpet and rug as she had been sick on them...nice.

Along with these was a note from my oldest and bestest friend, saying she had seen the bargain bin at her local fabric shop and thought of me. Looks like I have not kept my fabric obsession well hidden then...!

I plan on making something for 'super friend' and who knows what the rest will turn in to, although I have a hankering to recover my computer chair!


  1. That is GORGEOUS! Want! :D That is an excellent friend! :)

  2. Love the fabric, they are all so pretty - what a fab friend you have! Have fun with your makes x

  3. Love the red one!! Love having great friends too!!!